Do you or someone you know own a property and want to maximize income without the time and hassle.

What if I managed it for free, guaranteed top market rents, added an extra insurance policy that protected us both ($50-$100/mo on me) and had my crew professionally clean and landscape it weekly.

What do you need? A property.

Any catches?

Yes. The home needs to be safe and move in ready. If it’s not, my team can get it ready to go quickly. If money is an issue, I can front the fix up costs and we can simply deduct a small portion from the rent until it’s paid off.

Also if you love working with us after a few months we kindly ask that you refer us to anyone you know who owns rentals properties. And yes, we will ask! 😊 

Does it need to be furnished? 

It’s preferred that the home is furnished. If it’s not furnished there are a few options.

1) I furnish it and own all the furnishings 

2) We split the costs and you pay me back a little each month from your profits.

3) You pay for all the furnishings up front.

Often we will even make upgrades that stay with the home, such at Smart locks and a Nest Smart thermostat. 

Contact me for more information, and thanks for your continued support and referrals.

The next time you’re in a conversation with someone, and they mention that they own a rental property, don’t keep me a secret!

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