“Your Rolling Hills Realtor”

Rolling Hills is an amazing community in Chula Vista. Quiet, Tranquil and seemingly uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle that goes on just minutes away. With Beautiful Trails and amazing mountainous views all around, Rolling Hills is one of San Diego’s Best kept secrets.

I have had the luxury of helping buyers and sellers alike in this community and I can Truly say this is one of my favorite Communities

Some of the homes are a little newer, built in 2003-2007. Unfortunately most of these homes are severely upside down and for most homeowners it doesn’t make sense to keep them. Some Larger homes that were purchase at around 1.5 Million, Have recently sold in the $600’s. Many people have taken advantage of these great deals, and the homeowners that bought at the peak, most likely won’t be there for too long. It just doesn’t make logical sense to do so.

What about the Rolling Hills Home Owners that Bought at the Peak but haven’t moved?

Many are holding out longer because there rolling hills home was probably the home that they wanted to retire in. Imagine the emotional attachment they must have. At the same time these people are often throwing away their savings to make payments on their over encumbered home (AKA their Liability).

They can Ease the burden now with the S.E.T.B.A.Q. Program.

The S.E.T.B.A.Q. Program is designed to make life easier for these people and help them buy that retirement home in todays discounted market.

Basically it allows the homeowners who bought at the peak to get rid of their home free of charge without a foreclosure, then puts them in a position to buy a similar home. (probably for half the price or less)

To Learn More, Call 619-279-0213 or visit www.SETBAQ.com

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