Buy Right after you Short Sale!

With the new S.E.T.B.A.Q. Program.

“Stewart Estates Team Buy Again Quick Program”

1) We get you out from under your liability and sleeping again at night. For FREE.

a) Face it, your home will drain you for years if you keep it

b) You’re hurting your financial future by keeping it.

c) Put your extra money towards retirement or your Childs college fund

2) We help you find a place to live. For FREE.

a) As your saving your money, start looking for a place to live for a while

b) We send you rentals and network with our database to help find you a place to live.

c) Depending on your goals you may want to do a month-to-month or a 6-12 month lease.

3) If you want to buy again than do it!

a) We have built a relationship with a law firm that has had 100% Success removing the Short Sale from your credit.

b) It Takes 90 days, to remove and there is a fee involved, but you won’t have to wait years to buy.

c) We can tell you what you will qualify for when the 90 days is up, so the search for a new home can begin right away. Why waste time. Interest rates may go up!

· This technique does work with short sales or foreclosures so if you’ve already had either, and want to buy again, just let us know.

· The banks aren’t really doing loan modifications anymore. They don’t need to.

· Banks aren’t worried about foreclosing anymore. They actually get paid to!

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