Real Estate Sales & Investing


Licensed since 2004 & investing since 2001 Jason has helped people all over San Diego achieve their goal of home ownership. He’s countless millionaires through the always realizable wealth tool that is Real Estate.

He’s the Lead Listing Specialist of his team and has amassed a reputation for getting sellers top dollar for their homes, preventing potential pitfalls and open check book situation, and reducing the anxiety often associated with the process.


Jason is constantly seeking out great Invesments for his clients and himself often picking up the deals that his clients pass on. His focus is San Diego & Riverside county, and also owns multiple homes in Detroit and has experience in the Pheonix area.

If Jason Lists your home for sale, he can help you get the most NET PROFIT and avoid common mistakes.

If Jason buys your home cash he can close quickly (4 days) or give you time. You won’t worry about constant showings, completing repairs or termite work, paying commissions, or fixing code violations.

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